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Upcoming event

Steve Berry: The Whereabouts of the Yeti

Thursday 11 January 2018: 7.00 pm (Bar from 6:30pm)

National Liberal Club, 1 Whitehall Place, London SW1A 1HE

After stumbling across what may have been yeti tracks in the snow near Gangkar Puensum in 2014, Steve has been back several times to continue the search

Steve Berry was born in Shillong, India just south of the Bhutanese border. He has returned to the Himalaya many times as a leader of remote treks and expeditions. These include an attempt on Gangkar Punsum in Bhutan - at 7550m, this is still the world's highest unclimbed peak.

He is the owner of Mountain Kingdoms Ltd (formerly Himalayan Kingdoms), a company offering walking holidays worldwide, and is a co-founder of Wilderness Lectures in Bristol