The Bhutan Society of the United Kingdom was founded on October 6th 1992 in response to the growing connections between the two countries. The Society held its Inaugural Meeting in London on Bhutan National Day, December 17th 1992.

About the Society

The Bhutan Society of the United Kingdom has a national membership of around 500 people - ranging from people with a professional interest in the culture, flora and fauna of Bhutan to those who have visited the country and wish to maintain a link after their visit and Bhutanese students resident in the UK.

The Society organises a series of lectures and talks throughout the year, usually in Central London. In addition, revent events further afield have included trips to see Bhutanese gardens in Yorkshire and an exhibition of Buddhist art in Paris. An annual dinner is held every Autumn, which allows members to renew friendships and meet some of the Bhutanese students resident in the UK.

A newsletter containing news about Bhutan, a list of upcoming events and review of recent events is published three times a year.

Aims of the Society

  • To encourage and promote knowledge and understanding of the Kingdom of Bhutan, its history and its culture.

  • To encourage cultural and educational links between the peoples of the Kingdom of Bhutan and the United Kingdom.

  • To act as a link between all people, particularly those in the United Kingdom, who are interested in, or who have connections with, the Kingdom of Bhutan.

  • To promote and foster good relations between the peoples of the Kingdom of Bhutan and the United Kingdom.

    Committee of the Society

    President Sir Simon Bowes Lyon KCVO
    Vice President Michael Rutland OBE

    Executive Committee

    Chairman Andrew Sutton
    Secretary David Glazebrook
    Treasurer Dorji Wangchuk
    Membership Rosie Glazebrook
    Student Liaison Andrew Sutton
    Newsletter Editor Sylvia Robert-Sargeant
    Programme Group Secretary Nicholas Thompson
    Dinner Secretary Elizabeth Jacobson
    Programme Group (Excursions) Dorothea von Friesen
    Website Co-ordinator Lucy Hornberger

    Data Protection Policy

    Information about the Society's Data Protection Policy can be found here.